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September 13-17, 2015
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NCSD:  The Nuclear Criticality Safety Division

We have produced a brochure on the reasons you should join NCSD.  Check it out!

What is NCSD?

A Professional Division of the American Nuclear Society dealing with the practice of ensuring that fissile material operations outside of reactors are performed safely.  Our area of expertise encompasses operating practices, field support, code development, cross section measurement, critical and subcritical experimentation as well as common sense.

Who is NCSD?

A diverse and active group.  We represent all facets of nuclear criticality safety, including academics, the Department of Energy, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, contractors, owners and operators of nuclear facilities.  We include national and international individuals, professionals and students, technical experts and program managers.  NCSD has over 800 members, yet is small enough to have others know your name and follow your development.

Why join NCSD?

Criticality safety is a close-knit community and the opportunity for making technical and social contacts through NCSD is substantial.  NCSD gives you instant access to an extensive technical network that can help you solve difficult problems quickly and distinguish yourself from the crowd.  We provide training and resources to help you get the answer right the first time.  By getting involved, you can make a difference: contributing best practices and innovative solutions, helping others in your field through mentoring and sponsoring newcomers, and increasing the safety of the public.  NCSD represents a forum where you can develop leadership skills, contribute new ideas, make your opinions heard and help shape future standard practices and regulations.  We also recognize and award impressive contributions to the field.


Reno Summer 2014

Atlanta Summer Meeting 2013

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