NCSD Webmaster Updates

2019 Winter Presentations

Just had some time to upload the 2019 winter presentations. It took a while, but boy was that a headache. Having to sort through different file names and connecting them to authors. Anyhow, it is up there now, along with the download counter.

2020 New Year Resolution!

Happy New Years to all that reads this sad NCSD webmaster updates (blog?). For those that do read it, maybe you have a bit too much free time in hand.

My new year resolution is to work more efficiently; this generally means think before taking actions. Hopefully this would allow me to do more (whatever that means) in the bigger picture of things.


And also, general ANS NCSD website updates and stuff (here and there, too many little things to list).

File download counter – 2019-03-12

Added file download counter to NCS Whitepapers. This can be expanded to other files that we want statistics on, however it is a manual process, and the counter starts at “0” at the time of implementation (so you wouldn’t know how many has been downloaded prior to implementation)

Pictures pictures ugh pictures – 2018-06-23

It has been long debated on quality of pictures vs. speed in which they are loaded while accessing them via gallery from each meeting.

I’ve made the decision to move all pictures from individual meetings/conferences to Flickr, instead of uploading them onto the ANS server.

This has a few advantages and disadvantages

Flickr auto compress images and optimize them between size and speed
Less space taking on ANS server for hosting the pictures
Flickr has better user interface

Images are not in one location, and it is up to the webmaster to know where it is
Images are hosted under MY personal account, and access to other website administrator is difficult

Anyhow, I’ll allow comments on this post (if anyone… would event comment that is) for those that wish to discuss this.

Honors and Awards – 2018-02-24

With inputs from Larry, I’ve manually compressed the pictures for full screen viewing, as well as having a separate resized image for grid display, this should help the loading of images on slower connections.

Honors and Awards

With inputs from Larry, I’ve updated some pictures associated with the Honors and Awards page. Without knowing the person, it is difficult to figure things out when someone accepts awards for someone else

minors updates

Haven’t been on for a while, provided minor updates to the 100 word summary as well as Pioneer Scholarship page.

Home page and Meetings page

The HOME page and MEETINGS page now have blog style posts which allows for easier website management.

Webmaster Update page was also updated to add the webmaster bio and website ideas.

Ning Zhang

Ning Zhang


Ning Zhang joined the Communication Committee around the summer of 2016 (although the exact date he cannot recall) as a backup for Larry. He quickly realizes that the effort of maintaining the ANS NCSD website was not an easy task as walk in the park…

Learning how to manage the website is something that he had to learn quickly, and quickly he did. In the process, he crashed the ANS NCSD website a few times, but with the help of ANS head webmaster, the site was able to be restored with no data loss.

Working under the Communication Committee, Ning implements many improvements to the ANS NCSD website with the directions from the Communication Committee chair.

The day-to-day job consists of keeping existing information up-to-date, disseminate any new/relevant information, and not to crash the website by installing too many plugins.

When not breaking the website or other mischievous actions, Ning like to be 1) non-productive, 2) drink coffee, 3) eat steak 4) drink beer 5) shoot trap. Not in that order.

Got a new idea for the website?!

The intent of the ANS NCSD website is to provide relevant and useful information to the NCSD members and public at large. If you have any great ideas that would like to see being implemented on the website, let us know by commenting on this post!