NCSD Webmaster Updates

Committee purpose statement

The Purpose section of each committee provided by Deborah Hill was included on each committee page. If any needs to be updated to include more details, please let me know via comments to this post. Also, ideally, the page should also include responsibilities, as well as membership (see Program Committee page).

Individual Committee Pages

Each committee now has their own committee page. The goal is to make it similar to the program committee with “Purpose” “Responsibilities” and “Membership”. If the committee produce products, in the form of whitepaper (Education) or a list of names (Honors and Awards), it will be part of that page or link to a separate page (this is TBD in some future date).

Past NCSD Chairs x2

Thanks to Valerie Vasilievas and her team, we’re able to dig up the names of the past NCSD chairs. It is now updated on the governance page.

Meeting Menu

Updated the meeting menu in both main menu and side menu to provide more information on location.

NCSD 2017 Topical Meeting

Thank you Deborah on identifying a few missing presentations for the 2017 Topical Meeting, all the presentations that have the presenters agreement form should be uploaded onto the website.

Ning Zhang

Ning Zhang


Ning Zhang joined the Communication Committee around the summer of 2016 (although the exact date he cannot recall) as a backup for Larry. He quickly realizes that the effort of maintaining the ANS NCSD website was not an easy task as walk in the park…

Learning how to manage the website is something that he had to learn quickly, and quickly he did. In the process, he crashed the ANS NCSD website a few times, but with the help of ANS head webmaster, the site was able to be restored with no data loss.

Working under the Communication Committee, Ning implements many improvements to the ANS NCSD website with the directions from the Communication Committee chair.

The day-to-day job consists of keeping existing information up-to-date, disseminate any new/relevant information, and not to crash the website by installing too many plugins.

When not breaking the website or other mischievous actions, Ning like to be 1) non-productive, 2) drink coffee, 3) eat steak 4) drink beer 5) shoot trap. Not in that order.

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