ANS 2008 Winter Meeting

Reno, NV • Nov 9-13, 2008

Reno Meeting

Absorption of Water into Uranium Powder and Implications to Nuclear Criticality Safety, Jerry Lichtenwalter (B&W Y-12 Technical Svc)

Updated Plutonium-Solution Temperature-Coefficient Calculations, Drew Kornreich (LANL)

Revisiting the “Provost k-Infinity Curves,” Drew E. Kornreich, Arthur R. Pan, Douglas G. Bowen, Norman L. Pruvost (LANL)

Criticality Safety Regulation: The Pendulum Has Swung Too Far, Thomas Patrick McLaughlin (Consultant)

Subcritical Measurements of a Plutonium Sphere with Various Reflectors, Jesson Hutchinson (Georgia Tech)

A Dynamic Simulation Tool for Critical Assemblies Using the Coupled Neutronic-Thermoelastic Method, Travis Grove, Robert Kimpland, William L. Myers (LANL)

Data, Analysis, and Operations for Nuclear Criticality Safety-II

The TWPC Graded-Approach to Nuclear Criticality Safety, Kevin Kimball (NISYS Corp)

Analysis for De-Inventory of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s Special Nuclear Materials to Savannah River Site, Debdas Biswas, David Riley, Karen Dodson (LLNL)

Approach for Nuclear Criticality Safety During Demolition of the K-25 Building, John Chandler(ACTS of South Carolina), Roger W. Bartholomay (WSMS)

Subcritical Measurements Multiple HEU Metal Castings, John Mihalczo (ORNL)

Using Cross-Section Uncertainty Data to Estimate Biases, Donald Mueller, Bradley T. Rearden(ORNL)

Designing Critical Experiments in Support of Full Burnup Credit, Jeremy A. Roberts (Univ of Wisconsin, Madison), Donald Mueller (ORNL)

Data, Analysis, and Operations for Nuclear Criticality Safety-III

MCNP5 Criticality Benchmarking Using ENDF/B-VII.0 for LEU Systems, John Hannah, Qi Ao, John Zino (GE-Hitachi Nuclear Energy)

Efforts to Eliminate Raschig Ring Filled Vessels at B&W, Ron J. Green (Babcock and Wilcox NOG-L)

Variation of Extrapolation Distance with U-235 Concentration, Allison Miller, Robert D. Busch (Univ of New Mexico)

The Quantitative Relevance of Correlation to the Independence Aspect of the Double Contingency Principle, Burton Rothleder (DOE)

Performance of the New Continuous Energy Capability in KENO V.a, Sedat Goluoglu (ORNL)

Recent Nuclear Criticality Safety-Related Events and Associated Lessons Learned

Criticality Safety Issued Related to Use of Raschig Rings at B&W, Larry L. Wetzel (B&W Nuclear Operations Group)

Plants Changes Effecting Criticality Alarm Exemptions at NRC Licensees, Thomas J. Marenchin, Dennis Morey (U.S. NRC)

Importance of Criticality Safety Staff Monitoring and Reviewing Procedures Used to Perform Fissile Material Operations at NRC Licensees, Thomas J. Marenchin, Dennis Morey(U.S. NRC)

Nuclear Criticality Safety Lessons Learned at Los Alamos National Laboratory, Douglas G. Bowen, Shean P. Monahan(LANL), Patrick Moss, Jerry Hicks (U.S. DOE/NNSA)

March 6, 2006 Spill Event at Nuclear Fuel Services, Randy Shackelford (Nuclear Fuel Services, Inc.)

Nuclear Criticality Safety Standards Poster Session

Remembering Dave Smith>

ANSI/ANS-8.1: Nuclear Criticality Safety in Operations with Fissile Material Outside Reactors, Douglas G. Bowen (LANL), Nicholas Brown (Nuclear Fuel Services)

Poster 1,

Poster 2,

Poster 3

Standard, ANSI/ANS 8.5, Jerry Hicks (U.S. DOE NNSA)

ANSI/ANS 8.6 American National Standard for Safety in Conducting Subcritical Neutron Multiplication Measurements in Situ, William L. Myers (LANL)

Guide for Nuclear Criticality Safety in the Storage of Fissile Materials, Kevin Kimball (NISYS Corp), Calvin M. Hopper (ORNL)

ANSI/ANS 8.12, Nuclear Criticality Control and Safety of Plutonium- Uranium Fuel Mixtures Outside Reactors, Debdas Biswas (LLNL), Dennis Mennerdahl (E M Systems)

ANSI/ANS-8.15: Nuclear Criticality Control of Selected Actinide Nuclides, Charles Rombough(CTR Technical Services)

Administrative Practices for Nuclear Criticality Safety, Royal W. Carson Jr. (NISYS Corp)

ANS-8.20-1991 – Nuclear Criticality Safety Training, Ronald A. Knief (XE Corp), A. Nichole Ellis (Ellis Nuclear Engineering)

ANSI/ANS-8.21: Use of Fixed Absorbers in Nuclear Facilities Outside Reactors Poster Session, Hans Toffer (Consultant), David Erickson (FluorGovernment Group)

Nuclear Criticality Safety Based on Limiting and Controlling Moderators – ANSI/ANS-8.22, Michael J. Crouse (URS – Washington Division)

ANSI/ANS-8.23-2007: Nuclear Criticality Accident Emergency, James Baker (LANL)

ANSI/ANS 8.24 – Validation of Neutron Transport Methods for Nuclear Criticality Safety Calculations, Robert D. Busch (Univ of New Mexico)

ANSI/ANS-8.25-200X: Development of Nuclear Criticality Safety Related Postings Proposed Standard, Gerard F. Couture (Westinghouse)

Criticality Safety Engineer Training and Qualification Program – ANSI/ANS-8.26, James Morman (ANL)

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