ANS 2009 Winter Meeting

Washington, D.C. • Nov 15-19, 2009

Highlights from the NCSD 2009 Topical Meeting

A Re-introduction to Anomalies of Criticality, E. D. Clayton (retired), B. M. Durst (Bechtel), A. W. Prichard (PNNL), R. Puigh (FGG, Editor)

Rocky Flats CAAS System Recalibrated, Retested, and Analyzed to Install in the Criticality Experiments Facility at the Nevada Test Site, Soon Kim, David Heinrichs, Debdas Biswas, Song Huang, George Dulik, John Scorby (LLNL), Robert Wilson (DOE), Moe Boussoufi, Ben Liu (UC-Davis)

Development and Implementation of a Nuclear Criticality Safety Program at AECL, Christine Racicot, Lloyd Dunn, Jeremy Whitlock (AECL)

Chemistry Aspects of the Hanford Tank Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant (WTP) Criticality Safety Evaluation, David Losey (MAC), Robert Miles, Marshall Perks (Bechtel)

A Review of Best Practices for Monte Carlo Criticality Calculations, Forrest Brown (LANL)

Validation of KENO V.a Code for High Flux Isotope Reactor (HFIR), Richard Taylor (Consultant)

Criticality Experiments in Kyoto University Criticality Assembly for Development of >5wt% Enrichment Erbia Bearing Super High Burnup Fuel, Tomohiro Endo, Masatoshi Yamasaki, Takeshi Kuroishi (Nuclear Fuel Industries), Hironobu Unesaki, Tadafumi Sano (Kyoto Univ), Akio Yamamoto (Nagoya Univ)

Data, Analysis, and Operations for Nuclear Criticality Safety-I

SCALE TSUNAMI Analysis of Critical Experiments for Validation of 233U Systems, Don Mueller, Bradley T. Rearden (ORNL)

On the Accuracy of the Differential Operator Monte Carlo Perturbation Method for Eigenvalue Problems, Jeffrey A. Favorite (LANL)

Gad Rod Worth Evaluation for Criticality Safety Analysis of the RAJ-II BWR Bundle Shipping Package, Tanya Sloma (GNF), Peter Vescovi (Westinghouse), John Zino (GNF)

Statistical Noise for Nuclear Criticality Safety Specialists, Dennis Mennerdahl (E Mennerdahl Systems)

Authorization Basis Requirements and Safety Classification for Criticality Accident Alarm Systems, Mark A. Joseph (B&W Y-12 Technical Services)

Criticality Benchmark Analysis of Water-Reflected Uranium Oxyfluoride Slabs, Margaret A. Marshall, John D. Bess (INL)

Nuclear Criticality Safety Standards-Forum

Presentation on Status of ANSI/ANS-8.1, Doug Bowen, Co-chair

Data, Analysis, and Operations for Nuclear Criticality Safety-II

Criticality Safety Control Strategy at the MOX Fuel Fabrication Facility, James J. Bazley, Michael J. Shea, Robert G. Foster (Shaw AREVA MOX Services)

MCNP5 Criticality Benchmark Validation for Uranium and Plutonium Metal Systems Using ENDF/B-VII.0, Christopher Geiser, Qi Ao (GE Hitachi Nuclear)

Neutronic Isolating Media for Degraded Spent Fuel Storage in Casks, Benjamin Baranko (Nuclear Safety Associates)

Next Generation of Nuclear Criticality Safety Professionals

What the NCS World Offers to Young Professionals, Larry L. Wetzel (B&W NOG-L)

Providing Nuclear Criticality Safety Analysis Education Through Benchmark Experiment Evaluation, John D. Bess, J. Blair Briggs, David Nigg (INL)

Nuclear Criticality Safety Curriculum for Engineering Students, Jesse McBurney-Rebol, Fred Gunnerson (Univ of Idaho)

Training Next Generation NCS Engineers at the Y-12 NSC, C. F. Haught, J. J. Lichtenwalter, R. C. Robinson (B&W Y-12 Technical Services)

MCNP Variance Reduction Techniques: What to Use When, and How, James Laird (Univ of Michigan), Darby S. Kimball (Bechtel National)

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