ANS 2012 Winter Meeting

San Diego, CA • Nov 11-15, 2012

Data Analysis in Nuclear Criticality Safety -I

Continuous-Energy Sensitivity Coefficient Capability in MCNP6, Brian C. Kiedrowski, Forrest B. Brown (LANL)

Verification of MCNP5-1.60 and MCNP6-Beta2 for Criticality Safety Applications, Brian C. Kiedrowski, Forrest B. Brown, Jeffrey S. Bull (LANL)

Comparison of MCNP-Based Transport Codes for Subcritical Calculations, Kimberly Clark (LANL/UNLV), Avneet Sood, William Myers, Jesson Hutchinson(LANL), Denis Beller (UNLV)

Generation of an S(α,β) Covariance Matrix by Monte Carlo Sampling of the Phonon Frequency Spectrum, J. C. Holmes, A. I. Hawari (NCSU)

Generating List-Mode Data for Simulated Subcritical Neutron Measurements Using MCNP II, Avneet Sood, J. D. Hutchinson, W. L. Myers, C. J. Solomon(LANL)

Data Adjustment Exercises for Fast Reactor Critical Benchmark Problems Using SCALE, Christopher M. Perfetti (Univ of Michigan), Bradley T. Rearden (ORNL)

FY2011 Nuclear Criticality Safety Program Technical Accomplishments

Revisiting the Level of Readiness for a Nuclear Criticality Accident Using an Event Timeline, B. S. Carlisle, A. W. Prichard (PNNL)

US DOE Nuclear Criticality Safety Program Hands-On Subcritical and Critical Experiments Training and Education Course, Sedat Goluoglu (Univ of Florida), Calvin Hopper [ORNL(retired)]

New Hands-On Training and Research with the LLNL TACS, Catherine Percher(LLNL)

Hands-On Criticality Safety Training at Sandia National Laboratories, Gary A. Harms, Ronald A. Knief, Allison D. Miller, John T. Ford (SNL)

First Critical Experiment at National Criticality Experiment Research Center (NCERC), Rene Sanchez, David Hayes, Joetta Goda, William Myers (LANL)

How to Design a Critical Experiment aka “CED-1 and CED-2”, Richard D. McKnight (ANL)

FY2011 Nuclear Criticality Safety Program Technical Accomplishments -II

Release of the ENDF/B-VII.1 Evaluated Nuclear Data File, David Brown (BNL)

LANL Evaluation and Data Testing Support for ENDF/B-VII.1, A. C. Kahler, R. E. MacFarlane, R. D. Mosteller, B. C. Kiedrowski, M. B. Chadwick, P. Talou, T. Kawano, G. Hale, J. Lestone, M. MacInnes, D. K. Parsons, J. L. Conlin (LANL)

ORNL Neutron Cross-Section Measurements Activities, K. H. Guber (ORNL)

Nuclear Data for Criticality Safety and Reactor Applications at the Gaerttner LINAC Center, Y. Danon (Gaerttner LINAC Center, RPI), R. M. Bahran, E. J. Blain, A. M. Daskalakis, B. J. McDermott, D. G. Williams (RPI), D. P. Barry, G. Leinweber, M. J. Rapp, R. C. Block (Bechtel Corp., KAPL)

MCNP Monte Carlo Progress – Nuclear Criticality Safety, Forrest B. Brown, Brian C. Kiedrowski, Jeffrey S. Bull (LANL)

Evaluation of Measured and Simulated List-Mode Data for Subcritical Systems, J. Hutchinson, C. Solomon, A. Sood, W. Myers, M. Smith-Nelsen, D. Dinwiddie (LANL)

Validation and Verification-Tutorial -I, Wed. a.m.
Validation and Verification-Tutorial -II, Wed. p.m.

This tutorial session will discuss the requirements and techniques for a successful validation effort. The tutorial will touch on several topics important to validating a code system. These topics include an overview of the requirements of ANS 8.24. The tutorial will discuss the use of a global validation versus process specific validations and the importance of defining an appropriate area of applicability for the validated code system. Statistical methods for determining a subcritical limit will be reviewed, as well as how much added margin is appropriate for a particular application. Appropriate sources of benchmarks will be discussed, and when it is appropriate to develop benchmark cases not currently available.

Nuclear Criticality Safety Standards-Forum, Thurs. a.m.

ANS Standards Process – Robert Busch (UNM, N16 Chair)

Data Analysis in Nuclear Criticality Safety -II, Thurs. p.m.

Updating the Format of ACE Data Tables, Jeremy Lloyd Conlin, Forrest B. Brown, A. C. Kahler, M. Beth Lee, D. Kent Parsons, Morgan C. White (LANL)

Total Cross Section Measurements of Highly Enriched Isotopic Mo in the Resolved and Unresolved Energy Regions, R. M. Bahran, A. M. Dasklakis, B. J. McDermott, E. J. Blain, Y. Danon (RPI), D. P. Barry, G. Leinweber, M. J. Rapp, R. C. Block (KAPL), D. G. Williams (US Military Academy)

Reproducibility of Subcritical Measurements: Five Years of Plutonium Sphere Data, J. Hutchinson, M. Smith-Nelson, D. Dinwiddie, W. Myers, B. Rooney (LANL)

CAAS Detector Placement Using MAVRIC, Larry L. Wetzel, Brandon O’Donnell (Babcock & Wilcox, NOG-L), William D. Newmyer(Nuclear Safety Associates)

Subcriticality Measurement by Neutron Source Multiplication Method with Detected-Neutron Multiplication Factor, Tomohiro Endo, Akio Yamamoto(Nagoya Univ), Cheol Ho Pyeon, Takahiro Yagi (Kyoto Univ)

Simulation of Criticality Accident Transients in Uranyl Nitrate Solution with COMSOL Multiphysics, Christopher J. Hurt, Ronald E. Pevey (Univ of Tennessee), Peter L. Angelo (Y-12 NSC)

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