ANS 2013 Summer Meeting

Atlanta, GA • June 16-20, 2013

Data Analysis in Nuclear Criticality Safety-I, Tues. a.m.

COG Preliminary Results for a SILENE Criticality Excursion Benchmark Experiment, Soon Sam Kim, David Heinrichs, Rich Buck, Ed Lent, Chuck Lee (LLNL)

K-25/K-27 Buildings Sodium Fluoride Trap Criticality Assessment, Roy W. Rathbun, Michael Crouse (URS Professional Solutions)

Comparison Between the United States and United Kingdom Criticality Safety Personnel Training Program Guidance, Andrew R. Wysong (LLNL & UC Berkeley), David P. Heinrichs (LLNL), Nigel P. Tancock (Atomic Weapons Establishment)

Use of Gadolinium as a Primary Criticality Control in Fuel Fabrication Process, Davoud Allen Eghbali (GE-Hitachi Nuclear)

Release of ENDF/B-VII.1-Based Continuous Energy Neutron Cross Section Data Tables for MCNP, Jeremy L. Conlin, Steven J. Gardiner, D. Kent Parsons, A. C. Kahler, M. Beth Lee, Morgan C. White (LANL)

Roles of Information Technology in Nuclear Criticality Safety Training, Chuck K. Lee, S. Huang (LLNL), M. Lee (DOE), J. Morman (ANL), R. Goold, C. Lee, D. Heinrichs (LLNL)

Criticality Safety and Non Destructive Assay ‘A K-25 Love Story?’, Roger W. Bartholomay (URS Professional Solutions), Brandon Rasmussen (Restoration Services Incorporated)

Marrying Characterization Results and Burial Model Configuration Calculations, Roger W. Bartholomay (URS Professional Solutions), Roy Rathbun (URS-Professional Solutions)

Data Analysis in Nuclear Criticality Safety-II, Wed. a.m.

Adjoint Sensitivity Analysis in a Large-Scale Subcritical Plutonium Benchmark, Richard T. Evans, John Mattingly (NCSU), Jun Li (Univ of North Carolina)

SNAP-3 Response Function and Its Application, Jun Li (UNC) John Mattingly (NCSU)

235U Resolved Resonance Evaluation for Benchmark Calculations in the Intermediate Energy Region, Luiz C. Leal (ORNL)

Corrected User Guidance to Perform Three-Dimensional Criticality Accident Alarm System Modeling with SCALE, Thomas M. Miller, Douglas E. Peplow (ORNL)

Preliminary Covariance Data Representation for the “A Compact ENDF” File, Brian C. Kiedrowski, Albert C. Kahler, D. Kent Parsons (LANL)

MCNP Simulations in Support of the Heat Pipe in Flat-Top Experiment, Rene G. Sanchez, David K. Hayes, John A. Bounds, Joetta Goda, Travis J. Grove, William L. Myers (LANL)

Variations in Computed Neutron Multiplication of Deuterium Moderated Highly Enriched Uranium Systems, Richard G. Taylor, Daniel F. Hollenbach (Spectra Tech Inc.)

Nuclear Criticality Safety Standards-Forum, Thurs. a.m.

ANSI/ANS-8 Meeting.

Update on ISO work

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