ANS 2016 Winter Meeting

Las Vegas, NV • Nov 6-10, 2016

Data, Analysis and Operations in Nuclear Criticality Safety—I

Point Kinetics Modelling of Decay Heat and the Xenon Effect
George E. Adams, Christopher M. Cooling, Matthew D. Eaton (Imperial College London)

Transitions from Stochastic to Point Kinetics Models In Fissile Solutions
C. M. Cooling, G. E. Adams, M. D. Eaton (Imperial College London)

Development of an In-Beam Neutron Flux Monitor for Time of Flight Capture Measurements
E. Blain, Y. Danon, B. McDermott, A. Youmans, J. Brown, N. Thompson, A. Weltz, K. Mohindroo (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute), G. Leinweber, R. Block, M. Rapp, D. Barry (Bechtel Marine Propulsion Corp)

The Criticality Safety Program of the Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Co (SKB)
Fredrik Sten Johansson (SKB)

Evaluation of Neutron Absorber Panels from Zion Spent Fuel Pool
Hatice Akkurt (EPRI), Matt Harris, Ashleigh Quigley (Curtiss-Wright Corp.)

A Practical Assessment of the Effect of Water Interspersed with Plutonium Metal Hemishells —Summary
Ning Zhang, Mark V. Mitchell, David K. Miko (LANL)

Data, Analysis and Operations in Nuclear Criticality Safety—II

Validation of Criticality Analysis Capability of SuperMC with ICSBEP
Chaobin Chen, Qi Yang, Bin Wu, Guangyao Sun, FDS Team (CAS)

New Version of the MCNP Analytic Criticality Benchmark Suite
Forrest B. Brown (LANL)

Verification of MCNP6.1, MCNP6.1.1, and MCNP6.2-Pre for Criticality Safety Applications
Forrest B. Brown, Michael E. Rising (LANL)

Validation of 233U-Fueled Systems in KENO V.a in SCALE 6.2
J. A. Hanna, R. A. L. Rosenthal (U.S. Naval Academy), W. J. Marshall, D. E. Mueller (ORNL), E. L. Jones (Univ of Tennessee, Knoxville), S. R. Blair (U. S. Naval Academy), B. T. Rearden (ORNL)

Adjoint-Based Sensitivity and Uncertainty Analysis for Density and Composition: A User’s Guide
Jeffrey A. Favorite (LANL), Brian C. Kiedrowski (Univ of Michigan), Christopher M. Perfetti (ORNL)

A Case Study in the Application of TSUNAMI-3D—Part 1, Multigroup
W. J. Marshall (ORNL), E. L. Jones (Univ of Tennessee, Knoxville), B. T. Rearden, M. E. Dunn (ORNL)

A Case Study in the Application of TSUNAMI-3D—Part 2, Continuous Energy
E. L. Jones (Univ of Tennessee, Knoxville), W. J. Marshall, B. T. Rearden, M. E. Dunn (ORNL), G. I. Maldonado (Univ of Tennessee, Knoxville)

Nuclear Data Testing of Pu239 CIELO Evaluation with NDaST
Ian Hill (Nuclear Energy Agency), James Dyrda (OECD/NEA)

Data, Analysis and Operations in Nuclear Criticality Safety—III

Improvements to Thermal Neutron Scattering Law of CH2
Kemal Ramic, Carl Wendor, Yaron Danon, Li (Emily) Liu (RPI)

Development of a Thermal Neutron Scattering Law for Polyethylene using Molecular Dynamics Simulations
A. I. Hawari, A. Petersen, Y. Zhu (NCSU), D. P. Heinrichs (LLNL), M. L. Zerkle (BAPL)

Generation of Low Fidelity Experimental Covariance Matrices for ICSBEP Cases
Ian Hill (Nuclear Energy Agency)

Characterization of a Polyethylene Moderated Highly Enriched Uranium System
George McKenzie, Joetta Goda, Travis Grove, Rene Sanchez (INL)

Passive Safety Feature of KIPT Neutron Source Facility
Zhaopeng Zhong, Yousry Gohar (ANL)

Quasi-Differential Neutron Induced Neutron Emission Reaction Measurements at WNR
Kumar S. Mohindroo, E. Blain, Y. Danon (RPI), S. Mosby, M. Devlin (LANL)

Recent Nuclear Criticality Safety Program Technical Accomplishments

Titanium and Aluminum Rod-Replacement Experiments in Fully-Reflected 6.90% Enriched UO2 Fuel Rod Lattices
Gary A. Harms, John T. Ford, David E. Ames, Rafe D. Campbell (SNL)

Subcritical Benchmark of the BeRP Ball Reflected by Tungsten
J. Hutchinson, T. Cutler, B. Richard, A. Sood, Mark Smith-Nelson (LANL)

MCNP Progress for the Nuclear Criticality Safety Program
Forrest B. Brown, Michael E. Rising, Jennifer L. Alwin (LANL)

Finalizing the 63Cu and 65Cu Resonance Evaluations for the ENDF/B-VIII Release
Vladimir Sobes, Klaus Guber (ORNL), Luiz Leal (IRSN)

Measurements of the Fission Neutron Spectrum using Threshold Activation Detectors Final Design
Theresa Cutler, Jessie Walker, John Bounds, Travis Grove, Cal Moss, William Myers, Rene Sanchez, Morgan White (LANL)

Analysis Capability and Data Needs Identified during the Evaluation of the SILENE CAAS Benchmarks
Thomas M. Miller, Cihangir Celik (ORNL), Soon Sam Kim (LLNL), Yi-Kang Lee (CEA)

Evaluation of Engineering Controls Implemented to Mitigate Godiva Contamination
J. Goda, J. Bounds, D. Hayes (LANL)

Critical and Subcritical Experiments (co-sponsored by NCSD)

The 2016 Edition of the ICSBEP Handbook
John D. Bess, Margaret A. Marshall (INL), Jim Gulliford, Ian Hill (Nuclear Energy Agency)

The PRINCESS Project: An IRSN Project for Experimental Data Acquisition in the Frame of Criticality Safety and Reactor Physics
I. Duhamel, Eric Letang (IRSN)

Comparison of the Performance of Various Correlated Fission Multiplicity Monte Carlo Codes
Jennifer Arthur (Univ of Michigan), Rian Bahran, Jesson Hutchinson, Michael Rising (LANL), Sara Pozzi (Univ of Michigan)

Development of a Research Reactor Protocol for Neutron Multiplication Measurements
R. Bahran, J. Hutchinson, J. Arthur, A. Sood (LANL), P. Caracappa, N. Thompson (RPI), S.  Pozzi (Univ of Michigan)

Prompt Neutron Decay Constants in a Highly Enriched Uranium-Lead Copper Reflected System
Rene Sanchez, Travis Grove, George McKenzie, Joetta Goda, John Bounds, Theresa Cutler, David Hayes (LANL)

Preliminary Design of the TEX-MOX Criticality Experimental Program using Optimization Algorithms Implemented in the IRSN PROMETHEE Tool
M. Brovchenko, I. Duhamel, R. Salmon, Y. Richet (IRSN)

Use of Criticality Eigenvalue Simulations for Subcritical Benchmark Evaluations
J. Hutchinson, T. Cutler (LANL)

ANS-8 Standards—Forum

The Impact of Chemistry in Nuclear Criticality Safety Evaluations—Panel

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