ANS 2017 Summer Meeting

San Francisco, CA • June 11-15, 2017

Data, Analysis and Operations in Nuclear Criticality Safety-I

Measurement of Delayed Neutron Group Parameters Using the Fission Burst of CFBR-II, Lingli Song, Chun Zheng (Inst. Nuclear Physics and Chemistry CAEP)

Criticality Scoping Calculations for a Multi-Function Dissolver Insert, Tracy Stover, Stephen Kessler (SRNS)

Bounding the Chemistry Conditions in the HM Solvent Extraction Process Criticality Safety Analyses, Tracy Stover, Stephen Kessler, John Lint (SRNS)

Moderation Control Challenges in a Shutdown Facility, Tom Hines (DOE), Matthew Wilson (Paschal Solutions Inc.)

A New Look at Historic CRAC “Divergence” Experiments-Implications for a CAAS Minimum Accident of Concern, Peter L. Angelo (Y-12 National Security Complex)

Considerations for Using FGE Conversion Factors in Type A Shipping Packages at the Savannah River Site, Brittany Williamson, James Baker (Savannah River Nuclear Solutions)

The Difficulty of Defining the Terms “Credible” and “Unlikely” for Nuclear Criticality Safety Purposes, Douglas G. Bowen (ORNL)

Sharing of Good Industry Practices and/or Lessons Learned in Nuclear Criticality Safety–Panel

Fundamental to the successful operation of any nuclear site is a first class safety culture which strives to continually improve in response to good industry practices and operating experience feedback. Speakers will provide examples of either specific good practices and/or lessons learned at their site, following which an audience discussion will be initiated on alternative good practices and experiences in these areas.


Deborah Hill (UK National Nuclear Laboratory),

John Miller (SNL),

Andrew Wysong (LANL),

Brandon O’Donnell (BWX Technologies),

Austin McGee (Y-12 National Security Complex)

Data Analysis and Operations in Nuclear Criticality Safety-II

Open Source Release of NJOY2016 and NJOY21, Jeremy Lloyd Conlin, A. C. Kahler, Austin P. McCartney (LANL)

LANL-SNL Collaboration on NCS Validation, Forrest B. Brown (LANL), John A. Miller, Shawn J. Henderson (SNL), Michael E. Rising, Jennifer L. Alwin (LANL)

Study of Whisper Statistics for Criticality Safety Code Validation, Natasha Glazener, Trevor Stewart, Alan Yamanaka (LANL)

Full Law Analysis Scattering System Hub (FLASSH), Y. Zhu, A. I. Hawari (NCSU)

Semi-Analytical Benchmarks for MCNP6, Pavel Grechanuk (Oregon State), Michael E. Rising, Forrest B. Brown (LANL), Todd S. Palmer (Oregon State)

The Half Monte Carlo Method: Combining Total Monte Carlo with Nuclear Data Sensitivity Profiles, I. Hill, J. Dyrda, (OECD Nuclear Energy Agency)

Status of a New Resonance Evaluation for Cerium to Support Nuclear Criticality Safety Applications, Vladimir Sobes, Klaus Guber (ORNL)

Nuclear Criticality Safety Division Pioneer Discussion–Panel

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Criticality Safety personnel will give a series of presentations discussing the history of criticality safety experimentation and practice at LLNL. Topics discussed will include Project Pluto (a nuclear ramjet engine fielded at the Nevada test site by LLNL), criticality experimentation including the 1963 LLNL criticality accident, and early computational criticality safety.


David Heinrichs (LLNL),

Chuck Barnett (retired, LLNL),

Brian Koponen (retired, LLNL),

Robert Ralston (retired, LLNL)

Data, Analysis and Operations in Nuclear Criticality Safety-III

Effects of Boron and Graphite Uncertainty in Fuel for TREAT Simulations, Kyle Vaughn, Zander Mausol, Esteban Gonzalez (Univ. Florida), Mark DeHart (INL), Sedat Goluoglu (Univ. Florida)

Combining RHF and HFIR Disposition Campaigns-Analysis, Opportunity, and Lessons Learned, Tracy Stover, John Lint (SRNS)

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