Honors and Awards

NCSD Awards

Each year the NCSD Honors and Awards Committee solicits written nominations for the Distinguished Service and Technical Excellence Awards.

Distinguished Service

For outstanding service in carrying out the activities of the NCSD, including leadership in governance functions, the development of its technical program, the organization of topical meetings, workshops and tutorials, professional consensus standards, and other functions performed by special committees.

Technical Excellence

For outstanding contributions in the development and application of nuclear criticality safety (NCS) technology. These contributions include, but are not limited to: 1) the performance and evaluation of experimental measurements pertinent to NCS, 2) the development of analytical and computational NCS methods, 3) notable NCS engineering applications such as the definition of upset conditions for complex fissile systems and/or the establishment of novel reactivity control strategies, 4) the development of the technical bases for effective and useful NCS guides, standards and regulations, and 5) the development and conduct of NCS education and training programs in these technical areas.

Past NCSD Award Winners

Year Distinguished Service Award Winners Technical Excellence Award Winners
2019 Deborah A. Hill David K. Hayes
2018 Douglas G. Bowen Gary A. Harms
2017 Jerry E. Hicks Cecil V. Parks, Stephen M. Bowman, Bradley T. Rearden
2016 Brian Kidd Cecil Parks for John Milhalczo
2015 Mike Dunn for Cecil Parks Forrest Brown
2014 Larry L. Wetzel
2013 Bonnie Rumble Calvin Hopper
2012 Fitz Trumble for Rob Frost Jerry McKamy for Steve Clement
2010 Michael Crouse for Fitz Trumble Luiz Leal
2009 Mikey Brady-Raap
2008 Calvin Hopper Richard McKnight
2007 Michael Westfall Robert Rothe
2006 Robert E. Wilson David P. Heinrichs
2005 Hans Toffer Thomas P. McLaughlin, Shean P. Monahan, Norman L. Pruvost Vladimir V. Frolov, Boris G. Ryazanov, Victor I. Sviridov
2004 Adolph Garcia Jim Morman
2003 Mark DeHart Jerry McKamy
2002 George Bidinger Tom Reilly
2001 Robert Busch Lester Petrie
2000 Francis Alcorn Blair Briggs
2000 Valerie Putman

How to Submit Nomination

Anyone can nominate a deserving NCSD member. The NCSD Honors & Awards (H&A) Committee is soliciting written nominations from NCSD members. The submittal should indicate which award and include the name, affiliation, address, e-mail address, and telephone number of both the candidate and the sponsor. Up to 500 words of written narrative should describe how the candidate has met the criteria for the award in sufficient detail as to provide the information for the extended citation. The deadline for submitting a nomination is August 31.

The H&A Committee will confirm the qualifications of nominees and select the awardees by consensus. Submit nominations to Kristan Wessels at Kristan.Wessels@cns.doe.gov

Download the 2021 Nomination form here.

Thank You to our 2019 Awards Banquet Sponsors

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21 Consulting Group, Inc.
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