Program Committee


The Program Committee organizes technical sessions of interest to Division members at National Meetings.


The Program Committee is responsible for the following:

  • The Program Committee Chair shall be responsible for representing the Division at meetings of the Society National Program Committee.
  • Carries out all activities related to the Division’s technical program at the ANS National and Winter Meetings. This includes technical session development, scheduling, and maintenance of sessions.
  • Proposes sessions, finds others to propose sessions, tracks progress of planned sessions, and participates in the ANS scheduling of sessions for the ANS Annual and Winter Meetings.
  • Participates in the paper reviews for the ANS meetings (this function is carried out by a broad selection of NCSD members, many of whom are not in the Program Committee).
  • Works with the Honors and Awards Committee to determine the NCSD Best Paper Recipient from each Meeting.
  • With support from other members in the Division, selects Session Chairs, Alternate Session Chairs, Future Session Organizers, and solicit feedback on planned sessions/ sessions that could be proposed in the future.
  • Works with the Education Committee to plan sessions/ workshops/ tutorials to meet the needs of the Division for growth and professional development.
  • Serves as the liaison for coordinating co-sponsored sessions with other Technical Divisions.


Composed of not fewer than five (5) members, including the Division Chair. The Chair of the Program Committee shall be appointed by the Division Chair for a term of up to four (4) years.

Vladimir Sobes

Vladimir Sobes


Ben Martin

Ben Martin




Theresa E. Cutler
Deborah Hill
Larry Berg
John Bess
Luiz Leal

Catherine Percher
Lon Paulson

Joe Christensen
Kermit Bunde
Mike Zerkle
Katherin Goluoglu (NCSD Chair)
Tracy Stover (NCSD Vice Chair)
David Erickson (NCSD Past Chair)