Education Committee


The mission of the ANS/NCSD Education Committee is, “To promote development of nuclear criticality safety expertise by providing opportunities that offer technical growth and recognition.”


  • The Education Committee helps to identify NCSD member needs and makes suggestions for how to fill those gaps
  • The Education Committee promotes education in nuclear criticality safety by arranging special events such as tutorials, workshops, short courses, and special publications
  • The committee also brainstorms ideas and feeds them to the Program Committee for use in developing programs for future meetings


Composed of not fewer than three (3) members, including the Division Chair. The Chair of the Education Committee shall be appointed by the Division Chair for a term of up to four (4) years.

ANS NCS Education Committee Charter

NCSD Mentor Match Program

NCSD Mentor Match Program (69626 downloads)

Mandy Bowles Tomaszewski

Mandy Bowles Tomaszewski


Ph: 505-257-8703


Michael A. Fendler

Michael A. Fendler


Ph: N/A



Mandy Bowles Tomaszewski
Catherine Percher
Lon Paulson
Theresa Cutler
Brandon Little
James Morman
David Erickson
Arielle Miller
Bob Wilson
John Miller
Deborah Hill
Katherin Goluoglu
Hannah Morbach
Jim Baker
Tracy Stover
Jim Felty
Dominic Winstanley (Fred)
Andy Prichard
Kelsey Amundson
Hailey Green
Larry Berg
William Cook
Michael Fendler
Kristy Spencer
Kermit Bunde