ANS 2015 Summer Meeting

San Antonio, TX • June 7-11, 2015

Data, Analysis, and Operations for Nuclear Criticality Safety

Minimum Critical Mass of Heterogeneous Moderated Plutonium Metal Systems, A. R. Wysong, N. Glazener, R. E. Krentz-Wee, A. L. Salazar (LANL)

Benchmark Specifications and Results for Fission Density and Neutron Importance in a HEU Metal System Using ORSphere, Margaret A. Marshall, John D. Bess (INL)

Tungsten-Reflected Subcritical Measurements, J. Hutchinson, B. Richard, T. Cutler, A. Sood, M. Smith-Nelson (LANL)

MCNP6 Optimization and Testing for Criticality Safety Calculations, Forrest B. Brown (LANL)

Upper Subcritical Limit Calculations with Correlated Integral Experiments, Vladimir Sobes, Bradley T. Rearden, Don E. Mueller, William J. Marshall, John M. Scaglione, Michael E. Dunn (ORNL)

Neutron Noise Measurements on HEU Foils Moderated by Lucite, J. Hutchinson, M. Smith-Nelson, A. Sood, R. Sanchez, D. Hayes, T. Cutler (LANL), A. Chapelle, P. Casoli (CEA)

Impact of Nuclear Data Improvements on Criticality Safety Guidelines, Dustin Popp, Katherin Goluoglu, Sedat Goluoglu (Univ of Florida)

Nuclear Fission Processes and Data–Panel

Since fission was first discovered, there have been many advances in our knowledge of the fission process and nuclear data. This session is devoted to recent advances in nuclear fission theory and the experiments performed to advance this knowledge. This includes discussion on data fission cross-sections, fission fragment yields, prompt fission neutrons and photons, the evaluation of nuclear data, and their use in Monte Carlo transport simulations.


  • Robert Haight (LANL)
  • Forrest Brown (LANL)
  • Fredrik Tovesson (LANL)
  • Michael Rising (LANL)

ANS 8 Standards–Forum

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Sorry, no pictures from ANS 2015 Summer Meeting 🙁