ANS 2010 Winter Meeting

Las Vegas, NV • Nov 7-11, 2010

Data, Analysis, and Operations for Nuclear Criticality Safety-I, Tues. a.m

HEU Cylinders Reflected by Concrete and Cylinders Surrounded by Vermiculite and Reflected by Polyethylene, Mackenzie L. Gorham (Idaho State Univ)

New ALARP Residues Recovery System-Design Concept to Operation, Lauren Kate McDonald (National Nuclear Lab)

Adding Realism to Spent Nuclear Fuel Dissolving Analysis, Brittany Meriwether Williamson (SRNS)

Adjoint-Based Eigenvalue Sensitivity to Geometry Perturbations, and a Warning, Jeffrey A. Favorite (LANL)

Effect of Fission Spectrum Data Uncertainty on Criticality Benchmark Calculations by McCARD, Ho Jin Park, Hyungjin Shim, Han Gyu Joo, Chang Hyo Kim (Seoul Natl Univ), Choong Sup Gil (KAERI)

Data, Analysis, and Operations for Nuclear Criticality Safety-II, Tues. p.m.

Criticality Experiment Capabilities Located at the Nevada Test Site, William L. Myers, John A. Bounds, Steven D. Clement, Derek R. Dinwiddie, Joetta M. Goda, David K. Hayes, Rene G. Sanchez (LANL)

NQA-1 Vendor Support of Criticality Safety at the MOX Fuel Fabrication Facility, Michael Joseph Shea (Shaw AREVA MOX Services)

Dispelling the Myth of Super-Moderators, Shean P. Monahan, Mark V. Mitchell, Charles D. Harmon (LANL)

Integral Cross Sections and Other Useful Information Extracted From Spent Fuel Data, Hans Toffer (Consultant), Warren Wittekind, Raymond Puigh, David Erikson (Fluor Government Group), Michael Westfall (Consultant)

Verification of K-Eigenvalue Sensitivity Coefficient Calculations Using Adjoint-Weighted Perturbation Theory in MCNP, Brian C. Kiedrowski, Jeffrey A. Favorite, Forrest B. Brown (LANL)

Enhancements in SCALE 6.1, Bradley Thomas Rearden (ORNL)

Criticality Safety Engineer Training at Savannah River Nuclear Solutions LLC, John Schlesser, David G. Erickson, Joye Brotherton (SRNS)

A Special Session on LLNL Plutonium Facility, Wed. a.m.

Criticality Safety Process Improvement at LLNL, John S. Pearson, Kevin Mahoney (LLNL)

LLNL Standard Criticality Controls-History, Features, and Advantages, Debdas Biswas, John S. Pearson, John Scorby (LLNL)

History of Criticality Safety Advisory Committee at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Song Huang, David Heinrichs, Brian Koponen, Charles Barnett, Debdas Biswas (LLNL)

The Idea of “Dispersible” in Criticality Safety, Brian L. Koponen (LLNL, retired), Andrew Wysong, Alan Krass (LLNL)

LLNL Plutonium Facility Criticality Alarm System, Soon Sam Kim, Edward Orham (LLNL)

Hands-on Nuclear Criticality Safety Training at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Catherine M. Percher (LLNL)

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Security Category I/II SNM De-Inventory Status, David Riley, Debdas Biswas, Karen Dodson (LLNL)

Criticality Safety Controls and Disposal of TRU Drums Generated by the LLNL Pu Facility, Shang-Chih P. Chou, John S. Pearson, John S. Wolf (LLNL)

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