ANS 2016 Summer Meeting

New Orleans, LA • June 12-16, 2016

Criticality for Spent Fuel Pools and Transport Casks

Solving the Interface Problem in Criticality Analysis, Charles Rombough (CTR Technical Services, Inc.), Dale Lancaster (, Robert Hall (Dominion)

New Approach to Eccentric Positioning of Fuel Assemblies in a Spent Fuel Pool, Dale Lancaster (, Bob Hall (Dominion), Charles Rombough (CTR Technical Services, Inc.) 1

Fission Gases in Spent Fuel Pool Criticality Analysis, Dale Lancaster (, Bob Hall (Dominion), Matthew Harris (Curtiss-Wright), Charles Rombough (CTR Technical Services, Inc.)

Impact of Concrete Composition on Criticality at Nuclear Power Plants, Dale Lancaster (NuclearConsultants. com), Bob Hall (Dominion), Matthew Harris (Curtiss-Wright), Charles Rombough (CTR Technical Services, Inc.)

Apparent Monte Carlo Source Convergence Problem with BWR Fuel Depleted with Partial Control Blade Insertion, W. J. Marshall, B. J. Ade, S. M. Bowman (ORNL)

Data, Analysis and Operations in Nuclear Criticality Safety—I

Validation of MCNP5 for use in Calculating Temperature Coefficients of Reactivity for the SHINE System, Tracy E. Radel, Eric N. Van Abel (Shine Medical Technologies)

Validation of KENO Thermal Moderator Doppler Broadening Method in SCALE 6.2 Beta5 Using Continuous-Energy B-VII.1 Library, T. A. Eckleberry (Univ of Tennessee), W. J. Marshall (ORNL), E. L. Jones, G. I. Maldonado (Univ of Tennessee)

A Solid of Revolution Time Study using COG11.1 and MCNP6.1, William J. Zywiec, David P. Heinrichs (LLNL)

An Investigation of MCNP6.1 Beryllium Oxide S(α, β) Cross Sections, Raymond F. Sartor, Natasha N. Glazener (LANL)

Benchmarking of the Updated Resolved Resonance Region Evaluations of Copper, Vladimir Sobes (ORNL), Luiz C. Leal (IRSN, Inst of Radiation Protection), Dennis E. Mennerdahl (E Mennerdahl Systems)

NJOY21: A Successor to the NJOY Nuclear Data Processing System, Austin McCartney, Jeremy Loyd Conlin, Daniel Rehn (LANL)

Data, Analysis and Operations in Nuclear Criticality Safety—II

A Chemistry Based Criticality Safety Evaluation of the HM-Process Mixer Settlers, Tracy Stover, Stephen Kessler (SRNS)

Incredibility of a Postulated Criticality Event for Enriched Uranyl Nitrate Storage, Tracy Stover, Stephen Kessler (SRNS)

C-400 and C-409 Criticality Incredible Road Map, Tom Hines (DOE), Matthew Wilson (Paschal Solutions Inc.)

UPF Data Book: A Resource for Standard Data, Dimensions, Equations and Practices Used at UPF for Nuclear Criticality Safety Analyses, Barbara I. Krogfuss (Consolidated Nuclear Security, LLC), Daniel F. Hollenbach, Richard G. Taylor (C. S. Engineering, Inc.)

Limiting Surface Density Method Application to Large Arrays of Highly Heterogeneous Shipping Packages, Tracy E. Stover, James S. Baker, Michael Ratliff, (SRNS)

Data, Analysis and Operations in Nuclear Criticality Safety—III

Subcritical Copper-Reflected Alpha-Phase Plutonium (SCRaP) Integral Experiment Design, R. Bahran, J. Hutchinson (LANL)

Preliminary Flattop-25 Reevaluation Results, Jeffrey A. Favorite (LANL)

Artificial Neural Network Representation of Dynamic Criticality Excursion Experiment Data, Peter L. Angelo (Y-12 NSC)

Uncertainty as a Function of Time for Subcritical Experiment Parameters Using the Hage-Cifarelli Formalism, J. Hutchinson, T. Grove, M. Smith-Nelson (LANL)

Measurements of Neutron Importance Distribution in 235U Fast Critical Reactor, Lingli Song, Yanpeng Yin, Haojun Zhou (CAEP)

Sharing of Good Industry Practices in Criticality Safety–Panel

Fundamental to the successful operation of any nuclear site is a first class safety culture which strives to continually improve in response to operating experience feedback and good industry practices. Speakers will provide an example of a specific good practice at their site, following which an audience discussion will be initiated on alternative good practices in these areas.


Deborah Hill (NNL)
Catherine Percher (LLNL)
Tom Hines (DOE)
Chris Haught (Y-12 National Security Complex)

ANS-8 Standards Forum

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